How to reduce Server Response Time for WordPress websites

server response time

Server response time (SRT) is the amount of time between the net browser inquiring for some thing from the server and the web server responding to that request again.


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Apr 8, 2015 Server response time measures how long it takes to load the necessary HTML to begin rendering the page from your server, subtracting out the …


Time to First Byte (TTFB) is the amount of time a browser waits to acquire a response out of your server after a request. TTFB configured throughout the server. frequently, TTFB is terribly small (within 10ms).

To measure the Server Response Time, we will use several internet purposes similar to Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix Pingdom and many others. Most of you already comprehend this, the way to use this device? however for the rookies, i’m going to clarify the way to examine your server response time using Google PageSpeed perception.

in response to the hunt engine gigantic: Server Response Time beneath 200ms is considered as good Server Response Time.


in case you have more suitable all factor outlined here other than the host and your loading time continues to be longer than 2 seconds, the core difficulty can be your host. if your web page is enterprise oriented and brings in a fair amount of purchasers, you could need to alternate hosts or plans at this aspect.

The most useful win that you would be able to have with Server Response Time or speed of the WordPress web page is upgrading from an inexpensive shared hosting provider to a managed WordPress host. cheap hosts are respectable for when you are starting out, however for top-rated efficiency, you can not healthy a managed WordPress host. Head on over to the Webzinio wordpress hosting and take a look at our options.

Remove unnecessary Plugins and Add-ons

Plugins are the reason why the WordPress platform is so flexible. regrettably, plugins are additionally one of the leading motives WordPress websites are sluggish. every plugin you set off adds weight to your web page. Even basic plugins with little functionality can slow down your website significantly in the event that they are poorly coded.

There are a couple of ways during which a plugin can decelerate your web site –


  • expanding the dimension of Your Database
  • Persistent Requests to Your Database & Server
  • Calls to exterior features


when you are a WordPress person, you may wish to deploy P3(Plugin efficiency Profiler) – This plugin will scan your entire WordPress plugins to locate the bottlenecks, and it’ll provide you with a file so for you to see how each plugin affects your website efficiency.

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However, one of the “should fix” flags that comes up is “Reduce server response time,” which is 2.8 seconds as of today. Google apparently recommends an …


Optimize your homepage to load immediately

This isn’t one factor however in fact a few handy things that you can do to ensure that your homepage masses at once, which probably is the most critical part of your website as a result of americans might be touchdown there essentially the most regularly.

issues that you can do encompass:


  • exhibit excerpts in its place of full posts
  • cut back the number of posts on the homepage
  • eliminate unnecessary sharing widgets from the homepage


overall, a clean and focused homepage design will support your web page no longer simplest appear good however also increase Server Response Time or velocity of the WordPress website.

Reduce the load of Your pictures

modern site designs are often sooner than the desk-primarily based designs that had been used years in the past. Designers now use CSS to trend their designs as a substitute of tables and pictures.

while web page designs have got lighter, the variety of pictures which are getting used inside the content material enviornment has drastically increased. It isn’t exceptional for articles at the moment to include the number of pictures. As every picture raises the file measurement of the web page, your Server Response Time or pace of the WordPress site additionally increases.

Un-optimized pictures will also be very heavy, and subsequently use lots of server substances and take longer to load; if the average image dimension for your website is 1mb or 2mb , you’ve got serious work to do. that you may enormously reduce the dimension of your picture whereas making certain that its first-rate isn’t negatively impacted by using utilizing right here equipment:

Enable Gzip Compression

You’ve doubtless tried compressing a file on your computer and also you’ve viewed what a large reduction in size this can result in; a 60mb file may also be compressed to simply 5mb. Gzip compression works in the identical approach, however for sites; Gzip instantly compresses your website information into zip info, enormously cutting back the dimension of your information and enhance Server Response Time or speed of the WordPress web page subsequently.

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Optimize your Database

that you would be able to improve Server Response Time or velocity of the WordPress web page a great deal quicker through constantly cleansing up your database. which you could without difficulty use the WP-Optimize plugin, which I run on all of my websites. This plugin lets you just do one simple assignment: optimize your database (junk mail, put up revisions, drafts, tables, etc.) to cut back their burden. i’d also recommend the WP-DB supervisor plugin, which may time table dates for database optimization.

Use a content material start community (CDN)

Most sites are hosted on servers in the US, and while these sites will frequently be sooner for individuals in the US or individuals journeying with a US VPN, your website can be a slower for individuals from other ingredients of the world.

content birth Networks take a copy of your information and shop it in a single of their many statistics facilities around the globe. in its place of downloading a copy of your info at once from your server, visitors will instantly down load a replica from a data core it truly is just about them. This ensures that each one visitors will get sooner Server Response Time or fast speed of the WordPress web page while viewing your site.

Caching Plugin in your WordPress web site

one of the vital top-rated how you can enrich Server Response Time or speed of the WordPress web page is through using a Caching Plugin. Caching can also be considered as a spot that includes quite a few methods in an effort to increase the speed of the loading site. thus cache plugins will keep the dynamically generated HTML data and serve them from the cache on every occasion the request is made for them.  it’s going to optimize the JavaScript and CSS info by way of compressing them.





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