Latest figures show that Facebook is truly a second internet

second internet

Every three months, Facebook publishes financial results and statistics about the number of users. In short, it’s huge, but you knew that already.

Facebook took in the third quarter of this year revenues of $ 7.01 billion, up 56% over the same period of 2015. Net profit almost tripled, from $ 896 million to $ 2.3 billion. These are numbers success of the business. Of this revenue, 84% comes from advertisements, growth here. As a “human resource”, things are slightly more interesting and easier to understand. Facebook, the social network has almost 1.8 billion users, and 1.66 billion fall every month on mobile phones. Monthly Activity network members is increasing by 20% compared to the same period of 2015, where he sees the effort to reach as many poor countries lite applications that can operate on 2G networks or slow Internet connection. But there’s another interesting figure 1.055 billion onto Facebook exclusively via a smartphone or a tablet, and 1.09 billion people enter daily using just your mobile phone. Incidentally, Facebook has a “population” as big as the one that lived on Earth in 1918.


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Over all these figures come the other services: Messenger has over a billion users, as WhatsApp and Instagram‘s more than 500 million people. Facebook ¬†is a second Internet, and for many may be the only one they know .


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