Social media growth plan

Social media growth plan

Crafting a effective social media growth plan to help you achieve your goals can be a real challenge.

Set social media goals that align with your overall company goals

If we want our social media marketing efforts to have the biggest impact, it’s super important that they’re aligned with our overall company goals and values.

Break down your goals into specific tactics

Once you’ve translated your company goals into social media goals, the next step is to map out the specific actions you need to take to accomplish the goals you’ve set.

Prioritize your plan

Every marketing team, no matter its size, has finite resources. So it’s essential to prioritize your tactics and create a social media marketing plan from them.

Assign tasks and set ETAs

Once you’ve prioritized the specific tactics you plan on using to accomplish your social media goals, the next step is to add two elements to each tactic:

  1. Assign people – Who will work on and be responsible for each of them?
  2. Set an ETA – When would you like each of them to be to completed by?

Analyze and adapt the plan as you go

Last but not least, after you’ve set your plan it’s super important to make adjustments and adapt your goals and tactics as you go.

Understand How Your Ideal Customer Moves From Awareness to Conversion

Decide Why You’ll Use Social Media for Business, and Identify KPIs

Research Content Topics

Plan Your Content Calendar

After you’ve done your research, you’re ready to create content for your blog. First, decide which target customer the content is designed for and then choose a topic. Get specific with topics in your industry.

Build Trust Through Consistent Engagement

Social media is about more than just publishing content. To establish yourself as a thought leader and trusted resource in your industry, you need to engage in two-way conversations.

Measure Progress and Adjust Course

Measuring your success is the final step in your social media plan. You need to know if your efforts are delivering results for your business.

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