Small Business

£1,700.00 £1,360.00

Busy small businesses with no IT support or lacking WordPress-specific experience. You don’t have the time or resources to worry about website maintenance, but you want to keep your site safe and up to date.


The client provides its company logo, text-based content, and possibly some of its photos.

Website pages included in such website are 10-15.

Some of the miscellaneous features that can be included are:

  1. Social Media Links and Feed
  2. Blog and Press release Column
  3. Email and Newsletter sign-up
  4. Some other features like Photo Gallery, Slideshow, Calendar etc.
  5. Up to 20 plugins
  6. 20% discount on hosting

Additional information

Webzinio Club

Webzinio Club members receives up to 15% discount per purchase.


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